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Early Birds end Friday 1st Nov

30th October, 2019

Time is running out to grab an Early Bird ticket for New Adventures 2020. At midnight on Friday 1st November, we'll switch to normal conference pricing.

New Adventures 2020

6th September, 2019

We've just launched New Adventures 2020 — our fifth and most ambitious event so far. This one is going to be very, very special.

See you in January 2020

3rd June, 2019

We hope you enjoyed a few months of radio silence because we're dialling things up again now. Today, we'd like to share the exciting news that we've committed to more adventures!

New speaker: Ashley Baxter

9th January, 2019

Yes, even at this late stage we're adding speakers. We're thrilled to add long-time supporter and inspiring business founder, Ashley Baxter, to our lineup.

FREE workshop! Build an online store with Tiffany Tse & Liam Griffin

7th December, 2018

We're excited to be working with Shopify to bring you another workshop on 23rd January (the afternoon before the conference). The brilliant Tiffany and Liam will show you how to build an online store with Shopify and Liquid.

Convince your boss

22nd November, 2018

We've received many requests for some sort of "Convince Your Boss" document, and now that we've published all the talk abstracts we finally have the persuasive PDF you need.

Talk abstracts and draft schedule

20th November, 2018

We've been busy behind the scenes bringing a bunch of core content over the line. Today we launched our draft conference schedule, detailed talk abstracts, and a realigned home page.

Diversity tickets — deadline extension

29th October, 2018

Our diversity tickets deadline is now 9th November, affording more time for applications. We're also looking for more ticket sponsors; generous individuals and companies willing to help us increase the number of places available to applicants.

New speakers: Brendan & Josh

14th October, 2018

We're thrilled to add two valuable voices to our lineup. Popular designer and artist Brendan Dawes returns to our stage, and we'll also welcome CEO of Abstract and former principal designer at Twitter, the brilliant Josh Brewer.

New Adventures returns!

13th September, 2018

People always asked if New Adventures might ever return. “Never,” was our stock reply. But this year we realised just how much we’d missed it — and missed you — and wondered if a return might re-energise digital design and those that value it.


Regular quicklinks to things we find interesting and valuable.

29th January, 2020 #

Yes, another article about design systems, but you know our angle by now. With Architects, gardeners, and design systems, Jeremy Keith adds his voice to those wondering if this relentless pursuit of efficiency will edge us closer to redundancy.

10th January, 2020 #

Our friend, Frank Chimero, is writing almost daily about his live redesign. Every post is worth your time, but this dive into typeface selection — specifically typographic atmosphere and setting criteria — is exceptional. Few can articulate this stuff like Frank.

3rd January, 2020 #

In Systems, Mistakes, and the Sea, Robin Rendle finds that most design systems are like hyperobjects (one of our favourite ways to think about overwhelming things) within which we must see ourselves and our mistakes.

1st January, 2020 #

If the world is a mess, why isn’t angry music more culturally present? Frank Chimero goes in search of caustic music for the times and finds two EPs from Dry Cleaning, "that feel completely appropriate for the Brexit era."

18th December, 2019 #

Almost a year on from The World-Wide Work, Ethan Marcotte reflects on that brave talk and considers what's happened since — the hope he feels as workers continue to organise, and his frustration at the aggressive response from tech companies.

17th December, 2019 #

Rob Weychert is generating a unique color scheme for every day of the last 30 years. "Colors would change with the seasons and fade over time. In effect, every single day of the past 30 years would have a unique color scheme, each day looking slightly different than the day before."

17th February, 2019 #

Patterns in Islamic Art draws from the rich heritage of architectural decoration in the Islamic world. The collected geometric patterns and borders are an inspirational treat.

12th February, 2019 #

Jeremy considers beauty, moving from Rams to Sagmeister and ending with Keats. If you like this, we also recommend reading John Berger's The White Bird.