3rd June, 2019

See you in January 2020

We hope you enjoyed a few months of radio silence because we're dialling things up again now. Today, we'd like to share the exciting news that we've committed to more adventures!

NA 2019 gets underway. Photo: Stefan Nitzsche

As Simon recently explained, our first event for six years was like starting from scratch, and the path was rocky. As the day neared our mode was "let's get it done and survive, then pack it all away forever", but as attendees started to arrive in town, our spirits began to lift. Everything came together on conference day, and the positive response was overwhelming. We must not let all that goodwill dissipate, as there is much progress for us to make, together.

So, we go again! We can confirm our conference day will take place on...

Thursday 23rd January 2020

Workshops will take place on Wednesday 22nd, with the after-party on Thursday evening. The packed fringe will span Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th.

Limited early-bird tickets will go on sale when we launch in mid-August. Tickets might go a bit faster this time around, so make sure you get the news before anyone else: stay subscribed to our newsletter, and keep your eyes on our Twitter.

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