20th November, 2018

Talk abstracts and draft schedule

We've been busy behind the scenes bringing a bunch of core content over the line. Today we launched our draft conference schedule, detailed talk abstracts, and a realigned home page.

We are thrilled with the results. We've worked transparently with our speakers to deliver a cohesive programme. Visit our conference page to read the full-length talk descriptions within our draft schedule.

For the sake of a digestible post, here we present a brief overview of the topics, insights, questions, and knowledge that will shape New Adventures 2019.

Ethan Marcotte / The World-Wide Work

Automation and industrialization are reshaping our world. And sitting in the middle of all that? You and me. We face ethical, moral, and political crises, and our work is changing. What do we want that change to be? What kind of work do we want to do?

Jeremy Keith / Building

We borrow ideas from architecture, such as pattern languages and responsive design. How do such influences help us build resilient, performant, accessible and beautiful structures?

Clare Sutcliffe / Confessions of an Overnight CEO

From junior designer to CEO of an international education social enterprise in three months. The Code Club co-founder discusses the practical methods she's used to inspire the next generation of world changers.

Naz Hamid / Diverse Design: How We Build for People

Reflecting on his third culture roots, Naz explains how involving the right people helps us address global audiences.

Jessica White / The Future is Cross-functional

A practical look at dismantling silos, challenging sceptics, and adjusting culture to benefit from teams without walls.

Brendan Dawes / Universal Assembly

We have access to endless new tools, systems and processes, but what people really connect with is not shiny new things, but universalities such as happiness, joy, anger, love, optimism and many other human, illogical traits.

Helen Joy / Whose Design is it Anyway?

Understand digital exclusion and overcome personal bias by adopting a practical research-led attitude. We can create products that are not just appealing to us, but life-changing to those who use them.

Josh Brewer / Demystifying Design

The need to democratise design and creativity; to build strong relationships with other disciplines and create a culture of learning.

Don't forget the workshops!

We also have spaces remaining on our three exceptional workshops.

  • Jeremy Keith explores the progressive web and building for resilience.
  • Harry Roberts dives into front-end performance and speed optimisation.
  • Emma Boulton explores the problem space with better discovery research.

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