30th October, 2019

Early Birds end Friday 1st Nov

Time is running out to grab an Early Bird ticket for New Adventures 2020. At midnight on Friday 1st November, we'll switch to normal conference pricing.

Even if you've already got your ticket (thank you so, so much) we'd appreciate if you'd tell friends and colleagues, or consider tweeting. We're immensely grateful when you spread the word. Remember, we have a Convince your Boss PDF if anyone needs it.

Design is changing

Don't get left behind. We should prepare for a reimagined industry with new responsibilities. It's time to invest in fresh ideas for an uncertain future, and we've designed New Adventures 2020 to help with that.

You may not be familiar with all of the speakers announced so far, but we think new voices are a feature. We've never worked so hard to curate our programme and ensure we tackle the most relevant and most useful ideas design-minded practitioners need to consider right now.

Our speakers have been working together on their talk descriptions and we'll share soon. We hope to announce a couple more speakers in the coming weeks. Our schedule will lean on a slightly new format to get the most out of everyone and ensure we also get to hear from you on the day.

We're also working on a new core homepage to represent all our activity. We'll finally have a proper home for updates, regular video releases, and a full archive of magazine articles and fresh content. Goodbye, redirect :)

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