FREE workshop! Build an online store with Tiffany Tse & Liam Griffin

We're excited to be working with Shopify to bring you another workshop on 23rd January (the afternoon before the conference). The brilliant Tiffany and Liam will show you how to build an online store with Shopify and Liquid.

7th December, 2018

Build an Online Store with Shopify and Liquid

Tiffany Tse and Liam Griffin will share practical workflow tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you modify, develop and build Shopify themes. They'll help you get started with Shopify theming by showing you how your existing knowledge and skill sets are transferable.

Shopify's ecommerce solution already powers over 500, 000 stores across the globe. Knowing how to customize themes on Shopify gives web designers and developers a desirable set of skills that they can use to grow their business.

This workshop will take you through a deep dive into Shopify theming. We'll cover the workflow of a typical project how to create development stores and the components of a Shopify theme. You'll learn how to edit a theme both through the online editor and how to set up locally so you can use your own tooling. The workshop will cover how to make alternative templates for your store's products and pages create theme settings for clients and how to build sections.

Lunch and refreshments

We will provide a complementary hot buffet lunch on arrival. Free hot and cold refreshments will be available throughout, plus treats and healthy snacks during the afternoon break.


Unlike our other workshops and conference, this workshop will take place close by at Nottingham Conference Centre, in the excellent Bowden Room.

Hurry, hurry!

Don't miss out! Quite a few folks have already signed up and spaces are limited. You can read more about the workshop, or go directly to the tickets.

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