Honest opinion, the latest news, posts, and essential event updates.

#16 — 31st January, 2020

Attendee or absentee? Either way, we need your feedback. We've also started collecting coverage, including the first episode of Presentable Live. Open

#15 — 21st January, 2020

It's conference week! Here's everything you need to know. Open

#14 — 17th January, 2020

Five days to go! To whet your appetite, here's a roundup of tasty tidbits and reasons to join us next week. Open

#13 — 6th January, 2020

Read our climate impact commitment. Also, final schedule and talk descriptions, new core site, revised city guide, and DX speaker details. Open

#12 — 19th December, 2019

Announcing two new speakers, two unique sessions, and our proposed schedule. Oh, and it's Christmas! Open

#11 — 26th November, 2019

New voices, new adventures. Plus: talk descriptions, bowling news, and much more besides. Open

#10 — 30th October, 2019

Time's running out to get your eary bird tickets. Plus, a few notes about the ways design will change and our goals for the 2020 event. Open

#9 — 6th September, 2019

Announcing New Adventures 2020! Open

#8 — 3rd June, 2019

Breaking radio silence with a roundup of recent announcements, incuding first details of our Jan 2020 event. Also, Ethan's talk is now available to watch. Open

#7 — 21st January, 2019

It's conference week! Here's your final briefing: badge pickup, city guide, directions, what you'll need, fringe roundup and much more. Open

#6 — 12th January, 2019

It's getting so close! We have a brilliant new speaker, some important deadlines, and a roundup of ways to get involved with our fringe. Open

#5 — 4th January, 2019

Just over two weeks to go! We've news about Women in Tech's lunchtime lightning talks, and fringe events, including run club and a weekend hike. Open

#4 — 12th December, 2018

We've a new FREE workshop, and a diversity tickets update. Outside Inputs include the web as material, Islamic patterns, beauty, and film grain. Open

#3 — 22nd November, 2018

We take a break from broader design conversations to announce our presentation abstracts and schedule. Plus, we now have a thorough Convince Your Boss PDF. Open

#2 — 5th November, 2018

Thoughts on the democratisation of design. In news, bowling is back, and talk details are imminent. Outside Inputs include architectural strangeness in Japan. Open

#1 — 16th October, 2018

New ambitions, the inertia of design, and the latest event updates and posts. Outside Inputs include Space Shifters, Real Life, and Incomplete Open Cubes. Open