9th January, 2019

New speaker: Ashley Baxter

Yes, even at this late stage we're adding speakers. We're thrilled to add long-time supporter and inspiring business founder, Ashley Baxter, to our lineup.

Ashley will offer tons of hard-won practical advice, taking us beyond our ideas to execution and beyond.

Ashley is building With Jack, a platform that helps keep freelancers in business. Working in insurance for over a decade and spending seven years doing freelance photography was the inspiration behind creating With Jack. She enjoys sharing her experience of bootstrapping a business as a solo founder in one of the least start-up friendly industries in the world.

Idea to Execution and Beyond

As designers, developers and makers we’re rarely short of ideas to work on, but dreaming up ideas is the easy part. In this new talk, Ashley provides a run-through of what it really takes to execute and launch your next project. She covers the idea stage, build process, launch, and what to expect post-launch. Idea validation, shipping anxiety, and discovering problems are some of the themes covered.

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