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Our climate impact policy

NA team | January 2020

Do I need another coat? Must I make this journey? What if I choose not to eat red meat? The first question an organiser should ask is not “can we make our conference more environmentally compatible?”, but rather, “should this conference happen at all?”.

Q3: what common fallacy should we wake up to?

NA team | January 2020

We asked our speakers, volunteers and organisers: what common fallacy — design, tech, or anything else — do you think more of us should wake up to?

Look Around You

Paul Robert Lloyd | January 2019

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that while designers have an amazing ability to change the world, it may not always be for the better.

Living with a conversational object

Simon Collison | January 2019

I feel awkward talking to machines, and I always will. My comfort zone ends at the ATM or self-service checkout, where I’ll conclude transactions with a whispered ‘Thank you’.