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Work ain't gonna do itself!

Geri Coady | January 2013

To coincide with her first visit to New Adventures, Canadian illustrator and designer, Geri Coady, created an eye-catching design for our newspaper and t-shirts.

Cover by The Heads of State

The Heads of State | January 2013

We're huge fans of Jason and Dusty and finally met — in the back of a truck heading North through Minnesota. Following that epic trip, we commissioned them to illustrate the cover of our latest paper.

Design is the concious effort to impose a meaningful order

Alex Fowkes | January 2012

Graphic designer and illustrator, Alex Fowkes, takes over our centrefold with a typographic testament to the purpose of good design.

Why designers are time travellers

Christoph Rauscher | January 2012

We invited designer and writer Christoph to illustrate his idea of today's digital designer for the newspaper.

Code Rite products

Trent Walton | January 2011

Ahead of his first visit to Nottingham, Texan designer Trent Walton highlights some of the most important — and quite incredible — products in his toolkit.

A note from Frank

Frank Chimero | January 2011

Our friend Frank created a profound and rather beautiful gift out of a situation that would've crushed most of us.

The centrefold!

Greg Wood | January 2011

Seeing as we made a newspaper, Greg thought it'd be nice to have a traditional centrefold full of cartoons and silliness. He was, of course, the right man for the job.