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Q1: book recommendations

NA team | January 2020

We asked our speakers, volunteers and organisers a few questions to help you get to know them. Firstly, we asked them to each recommend two books: one relating to our industry or their work, and another about something else.


Rizwana Khan | January 2019

We asked Rizwana to write a poem based on our themes for the 2019 event. We liked the poem so much, that we also asked her to read it from our stage.

Creative flow and the state of discomfort

Sam Hampton-Smith | January 2013

I find myself once again, devoid of ideas. I sit and wrack my brain for a creative solution to a user interface problem posed by a client, and there’s nothing there; no suggestion of even an ounce of creativity flowing through me.

We live in the future

Brendan Dawes | January 2011

Take a moment to look around you and you’ll see we’re continually surrounded by magical objects, systems and devices ripped from the pages of a Ray Bradbury novel.

Establishing a visual grammar

The Standardistas | January 2011

Having a great idea doesn’t always translate to a great design. Fantastic, original concepts can still end up as run-of-the-mill executions, merely leaning on recent trends and contemporary visual approaches.