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Hello again

Simon Collison | January 2012

One wet afternoon in April, I was sat in The Gladstone with my good friend and collaborator Greg Wood — making light work of pale ales — when the conversation came around to New Adventures.

Interview with Frank Chimero, Denise Jacobs & Trent Walton

NA team | January 2012

For the first of three interviews with New Adventures speakers, Simon Collison got together with Frank Chimero, Denise Jacobs, and Trent Walton to talk about teaching, collaboration, the way design moves, and the ebb and flow of the web. So, grab a cuppa and strap yourselves in: it’s a big one.

Interview with Dan Mall, Cameron Koczon and Travis Schmeisser

NA team | January 2012

On a cold night in December, three of New York’s finest minds — Dan Mall, Cameron Koczon, and Travis Schmeisser — joined Simon to chat about the Big Apple, working with major clients, releasing products, and the need for more engaging and sensory experiences on the web.

Interview with Ben Bodien, Naomi Atkinson and Robbie Manson

NA team | January 2012

For the final interview, UK designers Ben Bodien, Naomi Atkinson, and Robbie Manson joined Simon to discuss processes, challenges, the principles they work by, and the increasing pull of US tech companies.

Design is the concious effort to impose a meaningful order

Alex Fowkes | January 2012

Graphic designer and illustrator, Alex Fowkes, takes over our centrefold with a typographic testament to the purpose of good design.

Why designers are time travellers

Christoph Rauscher | January 2012

We invited designer and writer Christoph to illustrate his idea of today's digital designer for the newspaper.