13th December, 2018

Fairytale of New Adventures

The conference returns next year —\_and next year is in the future, so it's likely not really on your mind yet. More pressing for most is the heavily task-oriented distraction they call Christmas.

Here in the office, we're pumping out Fairytale of I saw Mommy Kissing Frosty the Snowman (War is Over) and cherishing each morning's tiny malformed chocolate blob from our poundshop advent calendars.

But we can't escape the reality that conference crunch-time is upon us. 'Tis the season to remember how much effort and expense is required to produce an event of this magnitude. Right now it's registering at approximately Six Brexits on the Enough of this Madness scale—though I should add that at least we know what we're doing.

There are just forty days to go until our speakers arrive, reflected in a sudden and most welcome upward curve in ticket sales. In a little over a month, the Internet will descend once again on Nottingham. New Adventures is tobogganing into view, and truth be told, we're glad. Bringing everything together has been a hundred times harder and infused with much more risk than we recall, but we worked through it because those few precious days when we all get together feel incredible.

There is much to do, but we'll be ready, and we cannot wait to see you all again.

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