23–25 January 2019
Nottingham UK


We’re expanding our commitment to a safe, inclusive environment. Our exact approach is based on attendee data collected by 10th January 2019, and limited by a reduced budget.

Overview statement

New Adventures is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment at all of our events. We take full responsibility for this, and will work hard to make sure we deliver.

Our final lineup attempts to reflect an increasingly diverse industry. We've offered a larger number of student tickets, and offered diversity tickets to twenty applicants. We've engaged in more outreach initiatives than ever. We’re enforcing a custom Code of Conduct to cover our events and online activities. All of our venues should allow under-18s to attend. Alcohol is optional, and we make sure to also provide good quality soft drinks. Attendees can request lunch in line with their dietary requirements. Our volunteers are always well-drilled in assisting attendees with any special needs, and carers get free access. Data collection and management is strictly GDPR-compliant.

Please note: We intended to have live captioning or signing at the conference, and we assessed the need for childcare. However, weaker than anticipated sales have severely affected our budget. As there are no current requests for captioning, and only a couple of confirmed requests for childcare, we will be unable to justify spending several thousand pounds on captioning and/or childcare.

Conference and workshops venue

Access to the Albert Hall for wheelchair users is via the Maid Marian Way entrance, which is the more modern side of the building next to the traffic island.

All rooms in use for New Adventures (The Great Hall, the reception area, the meals and refreshment areas, toilets and so on) have disabled access.

Please note however that with regard to The Great Hall itself, wheelchair access is only available on the top left and right stalls (the best views to be honest), accessible via lift. Space here will be reserved for those with disabilities if we are made aware in advance.

When you register for the event, you will be asked if you have any disabilities we need to consider. Please be careful to inform us at that time, so that we can make any necessary preparations, and ensure someone is on hand to assist you at the venue if needs be.

If you wish to assess the venue for disabled access, please review the Albert Hall Nottingham access statement for more details.

Fringe venues

At the time of writing we lack full clarity on accessibility for all of our venues. Antenna, which hosts Design Exchange, is fully accessible. Our after-party at Nottingham Contemporary is fully accessible, although under-18s are only permitted until 10pm. Further information will appear here as soon as we're clear on relevant details.

This website

As advocates of web standards, accessibility and usability, we care very much that every website we create is built responsibly and can be used by all visitors. We have made every effort to ensure that this website meets our own criteria, current best-practice, and relevant legislation.

That said, there is always more we can all do to improve accessibility. This is the fourth version of this website, and we are always making improvements under the hood. Please be patient if something doesn’t work for you. We’re most likely working on it.

If you do have any feedback, questions, corrections, or problems, then please contact us.


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