23rd October, 2018

Sharpening our focus

Our newsletter will play an essential role in ensuring New Adventures is progressive. Our first edition eludes to a sharpening of focus; a commitment to bring more outside inputs to design-minded practitioners.

We've aired similar opinions on Twitter and in person for some time, but with the return of the conference these ambitions feel sharpened; we have the confidence to be honest, and the desire to try new things.

We attempted to summarise our ambitions in our newsletter introduction:

Design is in an oddly inert place. A proliferation of shiny tools has transformed our process, but compliance with approved patterns sees us struggle to advance. Perhaps web and product design need an injection of fun and weirdness; more thought for arts and humanities; a broadening of inputs so that we might rediscover a sense of curiosity, and zeal for new ground. If we widen our range, might we travel further?

We're hoping to expand beyond the conference, and establish a new possibility space that encourages open thinking and intellectual inquiry; design should look outwards as much as inwards. Few, if any, publications seek to engage design-minded practitioners with an intentionally diverse subject matter, at least as the primary audience. So, we plan to divert some efforts in that direction and would love it if you'd follow along.

We're hoping plenty of you will find this interesting and agree that there's a need for something like this. We're looking at ways to fund this work going forward, but the best way to support us right now is to attend the conference, or at least subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you.

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