14th November, 2019

Scholarship tickets

We've just extended our Scholarship Tickets deadline by another two weeks. Currently, there are 16 applicants for 20 free tickets, but we'd love to push both numbers up.

It is essential that we reach a broader audience. We can and should encourage attendance from practitioners typically overlooked or under-represented in the industry. Offering scholarship tickets is one way of demonstrating this commitment.

Apply for a free ticket

Think you're a good candidate for a scholarship ticket? Great; please apply! Our simple form asks ten questions, beginning with contact information. We'll then ask about your main areas of interest, what you'd hope to gain from attending our conference, and what most excites you about it.

Apply for a Scholarship ticket.

Applications will be accepted until 30 November 2019, and successful applicants will be drawn at random. If selected you will be contacted via email to claim your free ticket no later than 10 December 2019.

Sponsor an attendee

A few people asked if they could help us offer more scholarship tickets. Yes, please! We still need more sponsors so that we can invite more applicants.

You'll get a text credit on our Scholarships page, on our blog, in our publication, and visibility on the stage during the conference. You'll also be giving someone a fantastic opportunity.

If you can help, please go ahead and purchase a reduced price Scholarship ticket.

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