19th December, 2019

Presentable Live

We're thrilled to announce that web pioneer Jeff Veen is bringing his popular Presentable podcast to our stage. Jeff and his guests will reflect on the presentations, explore emerging themes and ensure your voice is heard.

This year's ambitious talks may offer as many questions as answers, so Jeff will host two special sessions. Now, these are not "panels"; we all know panels destroy a good vibe. Nope, this will be more like a chat show: a live version of Jeff's hugely popular Presentable Podcast. Jeff's a skilled interviewer and he'll represent you well, but there will be multiple ways for you to inform the debate.

So, it's like a podcast, but you're in the room; it'll feel more like a TV show. Even better, you get to ask the questions...


The long-running Presentable Podcast focuses on how we design and build the products that are shaping our digital future. Jeff and guests track the tools, trends, and methods being used by teams from the biggest companies and latest startups. In each episode, Jeff brings over two decades of experience as a designer, developer, entrepreneur, and investor as he chats with guests about how design is changing the world.

About Jeff

Jeff is a Design Partner at True Ventures, where he spends his time helping companies create better products. He does this as an advisor, as well, for companies like about.me, Medium, and WordPress. Previously, he was VP of Design at Adobe after they acquired Typekit, the company he co-founded and ran as CEO.

Jeff was also one of the founding partners of the user experience consulting group Adaptive Path. While there, he led Measure Map, which was acquired by Google. During his time at Google, Jeff designed Google Analytics and lead the UX team for Google's apps.

Much earlier, Jeff was part of the founding web team at Wired Magazine, where he helped build HotWired, Web Monkey, Wired News, and many other sites. During that time, he authored two books, HotWired Style and The Art and Science of Web Design.

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