30th May, 2019

Ethan's talk is now available

We're excited to share Ethan Marcotte's urgent talk concerning the web as an agent of power, its potential to do harm, the changing nature of our work, and the need for hope.

Ethan had been writing about the changing nature of our work and the threats imposed by the web, so we tasked him with speaking about these issues rather than his signature responsive design or systems, and he jumped at the opportunity. The end result was this extraordinary keynote.

This might be the best conference talk I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly the most important.

Jeremy Keith

If you work in tech in any capacity at all, you owe it to yourself, your peers, and your communities to watch this monumental new talk.

Then watch it again.
Share it with your teams.
Talk about it.
Take action.

Check out our dedicated video page, including resources relating to Ethan's talk.

We're working hard to edit more videos and hope to release one every week for the next few months. Jeremy's opening talk should be available by the end of the week.

We've been collecting coverage since the event ended. Alongside the official stuff such as photos and magazine articles, you'll find sections dedicated to each talk. We've also listed contributions from our attendees. Check out the 2019 coverage.

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