26th November, 2019

Choose your own adventure

There are little over fifty days to go. We've introduced six speakers, with two more (and a couple of other sessions) to announce soon. Our lineup is incomplete, and yet we've never been more excited.

Some names will be unfamiliar, but we've worked harder than ever to curate our themes and invite the most appropriate (and brilliant) speakers.

In a recent post, Andrew Travers acknowledges the organiser's conundrum. We can book well-known names and sell more tickets but end up flattering the audience and tread the same ground. Or, we can promote relative unknowns and turn off the unadventurous and risk-averse, but create a space for new ideas that challenge attendees.

Whichever route, there will be both positive and negative reaction; you can't please all of the people, etc. Andrew has a rule that he only attends a conference once, but he's breaking that rule for New Adventures. He explains why a lineup full of fresh names has him eager to return:

Of the lineup announced so far, I know the names of just two of the speakers, and I've only heard one talk before. It's a diverse lineup, and all are working at the edges of the kind of design I do. And that's where the learning is to be found.

We think Andrew's outlook typifies that of the New Adventurer: eyes open, inclusive by default, willing to be challenged, and prepared to invest in new ways of designing for an uncertain future.

Do you recognise yourself in that description? Then you should join us (and our incredible speakers) in January.


This post also introduces our 11th newsletter.

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