22–23 January 2020
Nottingham UK
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She Wins workshop

Nottingham Albert Hall
Wednesday 22nd January 2020

How to Negotiate with Confidence

Morning workshop with She Wins

Research confirms that men are four times more likely than women to negotiate, especially when it comes to their salary. As a result women can lose out on making £600,000 more over their working life(!)

The ability to negotiate was identified by the World Economic Forum as one of the top ten skills you need to succeed in the modern workplace - so it is time to brush up on this essential skill.

Who's it for?

This workshop is for women and self-identifying women who recognise the importance of being able to negotiate effectively on their own behalf and want to learn how to develop their own strategies.

Further detail

The workshop will be led by She Wins founders Clare and Kate who have designed this workshop especially for women to give them the skills and confidence to negotiate on their own behalf. The key to a successful negotiation is preparation and understanding the potential pitfalls and roadblocks.

During this workshop you'll learn:

  • About the social barriers that have held women back in negotiating
  • The key principles of negotiation
  • The importance of recognising and asking for your full value
  • How to frame your first ask and contra offers
  • How to gain leverage and deal with difficult questions

What to expect

This is a practical workshop with plenty of group discussion and exercises for practicing your new negotiation skills so don't expect to just sit and listen! We will provide you with useful templates and take away materials for you to continue learning and practicing.

By the end of this workshop you'll understand the theory of negotiation and be actively looking forward to putting it into practise!

What you'll need

Just your awesome self.

Refreshments and lunch

Tea and coffee are served during registration and all breaks. Breakfast rolls are available during registration, with pastries during morning break.

PDF icon Convince Your Boss — 250KB PDF

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She Wins

She Wins

Kate Pljaskovova

Kate Pljaskovova

Before starting She Wins with Clare, Kate worked in tech for about 11 years. While still in University she became head of HR at a tech company that she grew from 6 to over 150 people during her tenure. After understanding how to build great teams, she moved to Berlin and then San Francisco where she fell in love with customer and product development. After moving to London she went on to found the mental health start up​ 87 Percent​ where she was Head of Product until leaving to start She Wins.

Clare Sutcliffe

Clare Sutcliffe

Clare started her professional career in advertising before taking a sharp right turn into web design. Whilst working as a UX designer she co-founded​ Code Club​, a network of over 14,000+ free after-school Code Clubs for children to teach them the basics of coding and inspire them to build their ideas with code. Clare led Code Club in a merger with the​ Raspberry Pi Foundation and left a year ago to start looking for the next big problem she wanted to help solve - and then in walked Kate. She loves to solve social problems with tech and is Chair of Trustees at​ Beam​.


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