23–25 January 2019
Nottingham UK


Nottingham Albert Hall & Nottingham Conference Centre
Wednesday 23rd January 2019
Full and half-day options

The Progressive Web: Building For Resilience

Full-day workshop with Jeremy Keith

This workshop will show you how to think in a progressive way that works with the grain of the web. Together we’ll peel back the layers of the web and build upwards, creating experiences that work for everyone while making the best of cutting-edge browser technologies. From URL design to Progressive Web Apps, this journey will cover each stage of technological advancement. Best of all, you’ll leave the workshop with a fresh way of seeing your work.

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith

Exploring the Problem Space: Better Discovery Research

Half-day workshop with Emma Boulton

Whilst you’re shaping the problem space and understanding and defining which user needs to focus on, you should ideally be doing discovery research. Perhaps you are a slave to your process, constrained by your clients or literally stuck in your lab? Get out of your rut and come along to Emma Boulton's half day workshop and change your mindset.

Build an Online Store with Shopify and Liquid

Half-day workshop with Tiffany Tse and Liam Griffin

In this workshop, Tiffany and Liam will share practical workflow tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you modify develop and build Shopify themes. We'll help you get started with Shopify theming by showing you how your existing knowledge and skill sets are transferable.

Front-end Performance: Building Faster Websites

Full-day workshop with Harry Roberts

Every case-study, every report, and every bit of feedback always tells us the same thing: speed matters. It’s good for users, it’s good for accessibility, and it’s good for business. But why are modern browsing experiences so slow? If technology is getting better, why are websites getting worse?


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