23–25 January 2019
Nottingham UK

Thu 24 Women in Tech Notts

Don't miss the Lunchtime Takeover!

Thursday 24th Jan, during lunch at the conference.

Get to know your fellow attendees with some lighthearted networking facilitated fun. The takeover is brought to you by the team behind Women in Tech Nottingham, a monthly meetup for women from all areas of technology and those with an emerging interest in tech. WiT celebrates the women in our industry and doesn't exclude anyone, so you can enjoy this event no matter what gender you identify with.

Lightning talks: the audience takes over!

New Adventures has lined up brilliant speakers, but it’s not all about the people on the stage. Join Women in Tech Notts for their lunchtime takeover where you take control, with lightning talks where anyone can speak. We’re an inclusive event and encourage people of all genders to participate but we’d really love to see talks from women and gender minorities — we want to hear your voices!

A lightning talk is short (under five minutes) on whatever subject you wish to speak about (Code of Conduct permitting!). At the start of the session, the audience has time to come up, write their talk title on a post-it and stick it to the board and those talks make up our session. If there are too many talks to fit into the session, we'll vote on our favourites.

For the audience, it's a rapid-fire session where you'll learn loads and gain insight into the thoughts, ideas and passions of your peers. For speakers, it's a unique opportunity to speak your mind, try out a talk idea and boost your confidence in front of a friendly crowd. Since the talks are short, the pressure to prepare and polish is low, and you can focus on key ideas you want to share.

Don’t know what to talk about? The techniques, tools and frameworks that you use every day are usually very different to everyone else, and what is a no-brainer for you could be a revelation for your peers. Get involved and make your voice heard!


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