23–25 January 2019
Nottingham UK

Diversity tickets

As part of our increased commitment to inclusivity, we hope to reach a more diverse audience with each event. This time, we're encouraging applications for one of our diversity tickets.

What is a Diversity ticket?

It is essential that we reach a more diverse audience. We can and should encourage attendance from practitioners representative of minority groups under-represented in the industry. Offering diversity tickets is one way of demonstrating this commitment. On the Diversity Tickets website we suggest we'll offer 30 tickets, but we're actively seeking to offer more with ticket matching and sponsorship.

Application form

Great! Hopefully, we've made this easy. We'll ask ten simple questions, beginning with contact information. We'll then ask about your main areas of interest, what you'd hope to gain from attending our conference, and what most excites you about it. Finally, we'll ask what makes you a good candidate for a diversity ticket.

Application process

Applications will be accepted until 9 November 2018, and successful applicants will be drawn at random. If selected you will be contacted via email to claim your free ticket no later than 16 November 2018.

We've no idea how many applications we'll get, but we'll try to set aside plenty of tickets so that if you're unsuccessful, and we sell out, we can still offer you a priced ticket.

OK. If you're ready, go ahead and apply for a diversity ticket.

Sponsor an attendee

A few people asked if they could help us offer more diversity tickets. Yes, please!

You'll get a text credit on this page, on our blog, in our publication, and visibility on the stage during the conference. You'll also be giving someone a fantastic opportunity.

Go ahead and purchase a reduced price "Sponsor an attendee" ticket.

NOTE: once your purchase is approved, the ticket form will ask for "Attendee" name and email, but please provide your own details. We will assign the ticket randomly to one of our applicants.

Want to make a bigger contribution? If you'd like to sponsor a large number of diversity tickets, we have a higher visibility sponsor deal just for that, so get in touch!


Huge thanks to the following contributors:

Faculty   •   A Book Apart   •   Ataul Munim   •   Jack Osborne   •   Simon Wilson   •   Stuart Frisby   •   Filip Hnízdo

Contact us

If you encounter any problems, have questions, or would like to discuss sponsorship, please email us.


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