23–25 January 2019
Nottingham UK

We're back!

Nottingham's essential digital design conference

Digital experiences are forming in new ways, requiring us to think smarter, be more efficient and collaborative. In the face of uncertainty, we must ask tough questions about labour and ethics, education and inclusivity, and rediscover ambition through weirdness and fun. Let's reconvene, recalibrate, and re-energise digital design.

Expect valuable guidance about our work, our process and serving people, framed by a packed fringe and a warm community where many friendships are forged.

  • Conference Unmissable single-track event with big thinking and practical advice from industry leaders
  • Workshops Deep dives into the progressive web, front-end performance, discovery research, and ecommerce templating
  • Fringe events Three days of community meetups, talks, fun and games
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Speakers and topics include...

Ethan Marcotte

Ethan Marcotte

The World-Wide Work

We face ethical, moral, and political crises, and our work is changing. What do we want that change to be? What kind of work do we want to do?

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith


Uncover how to build resilient, performant, accessible and beautiful structures. Jeremy is also leading a workshop: The Progressive Web

Clare Sutcliffe

Clare Sutcliffe

Confessions of an Overnight CEO

The Code Club co-founder discusses the practical methods she's used to inspire the next generation of world changers.

Naz Hamid

Naz Hamid

Diverse Design: How We Build for People

Reflecting on his own third culture roots, Naz explains how involving the right people helps us address global audiences.

Jessica White

Jessica White

The Future is Cross-functional

A practical look at dismantling silos, challenging sceptics, and adjusting culture to benefit from teams without walls.

Brendan Dawes

Brendan Dawes

Universal Assembly

We have access to endless new tools, systems and processes, but people truly connect with universalities such as love, anger, happiness, optimism.

Helen Joy

Helen Joy

Whose Design is it Anyway?

Change lives. Understand digital exclusion and overcome personal bias by adopting a practical research-led attitude.

Josh Brewer

Josh Brewer

Demystifying Design

The need to democratise design and creativity; to build strong relationships with other disciplines and create a culture of learning.

Ashley Baxter

Ashley Baxter

Idea to Execution and Beyond

Good ideas are the easy part. What does it really take to execute, launch and validate your project.



Amazing workshops

Full and half day deep dives into the progressive web, front-end performance and speed optimisation, better discovery research, and Shopify theming.

What else to expect

So much more than just a conference.

  • Warmup Wednesday Choose from Design Exchange meetup or JH Bowling
  • Shopify session Learn how to build an online store with Shopify and Liquid
  • Lightning talks Conference lunchtime takeover from Women in Tech Notts
  • After–party We're taking over Nottingham Contemporary, with a mix of environments to suit all
  • Cooldown Friday Coffee tour, riverside run, and friendly five-a-side football
  • Magazine A new look for our accompanying printed publication
  • Exhibitors and treats Exhibitor booths, speciality coffee, and cupcakes!

“We absolutely loved it from start to finish. Everything about the day exceeded any expectations that we had, and we came away from this amazing event with heads full of exciting ideas and a heap of new industry friends.”

Ian Harris, Carron Media

Safe and inclusive

It's our job to keep you smiling

We’re expanding our commitment to a safe and inclusive environment. We've offered free diversity tickets to twenty applicants, and sold more student tickets than ever. We've engaged in more outreach initiatives than ever. We’re enforcing a custom Code of Conduct to cover our events and online activities. Our after-party will have both loud and quiet spaces to enjoy hard and soft drinks. Attendees can request lunch to suit their dietary requirements. Our volunteers will be as well-drilled as ever in assisting attendees with their needs, and carers get free access. Data collection and management is strictly GDPR-compliant.

New to our adventures?

Take a look at our previous events

New Adventures began as a trilogy of events between 2011–2013, designed to encourage debate and move digital design forward. Carefully curated, we ensured our speakers became part of each event’s narrative. We attracted world-renowned speakers to Nottingham, including Jessica Hische, Jason Santa Maria, Wayne Hemingway, Dan Mall, Frank Chimero, Veerle Pieters, and Denise Jacobs. We also supported new voices from our main stage and fringe events. Many took NA to their hearts and considered it the best event they ever attended. More →


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