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Workshops will run simutaneously, so unless you’re blessed with powers that allow you to be in two places at once, please book one workshop per person.

Three incredible half-day workshops of pure knowledge-bombs from the super-minds of Trent Walton, Ben Bodien, and The Standardistas.

  • »Albert Hall Nottingham; the Osborne Lounge, the Balmoral Gallery, and the City Suite
  • »Wednesday 18th January 2012, 9am—1.30pm
  • »Tea, coffee, and breakfast baps served from 8.30-9am
  • »Tea, coffee and pastries served during mid-morning break
  • »Lunch is not provided
  • »Paper and pens provided. Bring your laptop if possible

Controlling Web Typography with Trent Walton

From the practical to the progressive, we’ll be taking a look at everything you can do with type on the web. Starting with a basic web font implementation, we’ll then dive into applying basic typographic principals as well as using CSS to target & visually enhance web type. And to be sure no stone is left unturned, we’ll also be implementing the Lettering.js and FitText jQuery plugins to gain to-the-letter control responsively. Bring your computer and be ready to dive into your HTML & CSS happy place!

Trent WaltonTrent Walton is founder and 1/3 of Paravel, a custom web design and development shop based out of the Texas Hill Country whose wife has put him on a font allowance. In his spare time, he writes about what he learns at his blog, and is co-creator of and contributor to TheManyFacesOf.

Front-end Craftsmanship with Ben Bodien

Scientists project that by 2014, even household pets will be building their own websites (or at least blog themes)*. However, as the web evolves and clients and visitors demand more from the sites and apps we build, it becomes increasingly vital to ensure that we are crafting, not just assembling the web’s interfaces.

This workshop will teach practical techniques for crafting front-end code designed to be robust but flexible and maintainable (even by someone’s pet). Topics include defining a build and markup plan, tricks and tools for writing flexible, clean CSS, and proven methods for implementing responsive web designs from the ground-up, for both content and functionality.

* — May not be true

Ben BodienBen Bodien is Co-Founder of Neutron Creations and a front-end development specialist, and sometimes dabbler in interface design (when there are no grown-ups around to stop him). With employers and clients ranging from video game companies to hedge funds and from bedroom startups to publicly listed multinationals, he fears no design nor browser of this Earth, and with his help, neither will you. Visit Ben’s site.

Paper is your friend with The Standardistas

Great designers have one thing in common: their design process is centered on ideas; ideas that are more often than not developed on paper.

This workshop, delivered in the tried and tested Standardistas’ style®, explores the importance of paper prototyping as a critical, though often overlooked, stage in the design process. We explore a number of questions, including: How do you get ideas in the first place? How do you capture these ideas and turn them into real, tangible design prototypes? (and) How do you create original designs that that aren't mere carbon-copies of the most recent (1% noise) design trends.

Using nothing more than pen and paper the Standardistas will show you how to revolutionise your design process that saves time, money and heartache.

The StandardistasChristopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson teach interactive design at the University of Ulster, Belfast, where they have been active in promoting a web standards-based curriculum for almost a decade. As tweed-clad duo The Standardistas they write and speak regularly on standards-based web design and the importance of improving web design education. Authors of the seminal beginners’ guide “HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions – A Web Standardistas’ Approach”, they’ve written for a variety of publications, including 24 Ways and The Manual.