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New Adventures in Web Design


When? What? Who?
0800 Registration
0900 Welcome Simon Collison
0910 The New Language of Web Design Dan Rubin
0945 A New Canon Mark Boulton
1020 Crafting User Experiences Sarah Parmenter
1050 Refreshments (provided)
1115 Language and the Lizard Brian Jon Tan
1150 With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Elliot Jay Stocks
1225 Debate #1 Morning's speakers
1300 Lunch "in a bag"
1400 Unraveling the Mysteries of Inspiration Veerle Pieters
1435 Art Direction and Editorial Design on the Web Greg Wood
1510 Designing on Solid Foundations Tim Van Damme
1540 Refreshments (provided)
1605 Once Upon a Time on the Web Andy Clarke
1640 Produced For Use Brendan Dawes
1715 Debate #2 Afternoon's speakers
1800 Ends
2000 After-party

New Adventures... takes place on 20th January 2011, which is some way off, but we know you like to get an idea of what is happening, when, and with whom. So, as a matter of common courtesy, here's the event schedule as it looks right now.

Conference guide

Upon registration, all attendees will receive a conference brochure featuring the exact schedule and further information.

Subject to change

As we formulate the topics and themes, it may be that we adjust times slightly, or move some speakers up or down the bill to aid narrative. We're sure that's fine with you.

Other events?

Naturally, we'll be hosting a comfortable after-party on the evening of the event. We're also formalising plans with some local creative types for the evening before (19th January) and will let you know about these as soon as we dare. One of these events sounds both exhilarating and frightening.

When you register, please let us know if you think you'll be around the evening before.