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New Adventures in web design

Audio and Slides

The New Language of Web Design

Dan Rubin: Audio and slides.

A New Canon

Mark Boulton: Audio and slides.

Crafting User Experiences

Sarah Parmenter: Audio and slides will follow later in the year.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Elliot Jay Stocks: Audio and slides.

Language and the Lizard Brain

Jon Tan: Audio and slides.

The Morning Panel

Q&A featuring Dan Rubin, Mark Boulton, Sarah Parmenter, Elliot Jay Stocks, and Jon Tan. Hosted by Simon Collison: Audio.

Designing on Solid Foundations

Tim Van Damme: Audio and slides.

Art Direction & Editorial Design on the Web: Does it Work?

Greg Wood: Audio and slides.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Inspiration

Veerle Pieters: Audio and slides.

Once Upon A Time On The Web

Andy Clarke: Audio and slides.

Produced For Use

Brendan Dawes: Audio and slides.

The Closing Panel

Q&A featuring Tim Van Damme, Greg Wood, Veerle Pieters, Andy Clarke, and Brendan Dawes. Hosted by Simon Collison: Audio.

Why no videos?

Well, whilst we did spend a good deal on video, the quality wasn't all that great. It wasn't teriible, but it's super-multi-layered madness that Mr. Collison just can't deal with, even in Final Cut Premiere Soundbooth Mega Pro.

Mainly, the lighting wasn't right, so although both sides of the stage were well lit, our speakers often strolled to centre-stage, where it was like a black hole, so video is kind of useless unless you're really into silhouettes.

We know that trying to navigate the Slideshare stuff whilst listening is a bit of a pain and often disjointed, but we hope you'll forgive us. Hey, we're learning.

Audio issues?

There may be the odd problem. We're aware that audio cuts to right channel only on a couple of the talks. We're working on replacing those MP3s once we've had a drink.

Getting these online quickly amidst other chaos was important. We'll make sure the code, fallbacks and all the other gubbins is properly taken care of soon.