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New Adventures in Web Design

About New Adventures...

Against the grain

Much like music festivals, design and development conferences tend to occur in the warmth of Summer. They're also more likely to take place in the major cities of the world: your Londons, New Yorks, Sydneys, and so on. Well, New Adventures in Web Design goes against the grain. This is a unique web design event taking place in Nottingham. In the middle of England. In bleak midwinter.

Who's it aimed at?

This event will be sympathetic to existing and new challenges and opportunities faced by front-end design folks in their day-to-day work and beyond. That said, the content will be beneficial to a broad audience, and a number of attendees and guests represent agencies, organisations, and businesses across varied roles. Ultimately, this event is organised by designers, for designers.

Ambitious motives

New Adventures... will be carefully curated; chock-full of integrity, opinion, and fresh content, with an emphasis on shaking things up and challenging convention. This event has inspiration, thinking, and intelligence at its core. It will encourage debate, enthuse, excite, ask questions, and look for real outcomes.

You can expect highly relevant themes such as designing for delight, responsive design, devices, typography, creativity and play. Presentations will draw broadly from not just web design, but the wider world, and the lessons learned in other industries.

You'll also find that the speakers are all very friendly and approachable. Everyone will be eager to listen and discuss the topics away from the stage.

Fast-paced format

It will be a fast-paced, punchy format: ten designers with 30 minutes each, plus two debates with five designers at a time, and plenty of audience input. Expect brilliant ideas and opinion from some of the industry's most respected voices: Andy Clarke, Veerle Pieters, Mark Boulton, Sarah Parmenter, Brendan Dawes, Greg Wood, Tim Van Damme, Jon Tan, Elliot Jay Stocks, and Dan Rubin. Your host Simon Collison will keep things moving, and chair the debates.

Social and Comfortable

We'll do our best to keep you warm and comfortable. The venue is fantastic, and we have the historic Great Hall at the Albert Hall all to ourselves.

We're bringing you the niceties you've come to expect from conferences, without this dramatically affecting ticket prices. You'll have ample time to meet like-minded people during the breaks and at the after-party. We'll be on hand throughout the day to help you with everything you need.

There will be refreshments and "lunch in a bag"—a concept we experienced at a San Francisco conference recently, and rather liked—consisting of a sandwich, savoury snack, soft drink, crisps, dessert and fruit.

About the diagrams

By the way, all the info referenced in the diagrams is from the incredible Visual Grammar by Christian Leborg.

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